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Couch to 5K
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9 down 22 to go

Still on my mission to complete 5K everyday for the month of January. So far so good. I run one day and walk the next. I am running a little further in between walk breaks now again. Last night I ran 3K without stopping and walked for 500m before finishing with a 1.5K run. Getting there slowly but surely. I got out for my 5K Walk after work this evening. Got to do my 20th Parkrun on Saturday as my 5K and I did it with my 8 year old son. Slow and steady. I am 9 days in, 22 more to go to complete my challenge of 5K everyday for January. I’m not far off running the full 5K again. Calf muscles were a little sore last night.

Happy running everyone.


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Nicely done - you are doing better than me so far.I'm aiming to do 2018km in 2018 - that's about 40km a week, so far only done 20km. Hey ho, and I know what sore calf muscles feel like...

Well done you and great to see your progress

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Wow that’s a fantastic challenge you’ve given yourself. And you’ve got me thinking about maybe following in your footsteps later in the year. I’ve only just completed C25K and did my 1st Parkrun last Saturday so now I know I can run for 5k non-stop. Good luck. Keep us posted. 👍👍👏👏


Well done on your Parkrun. It’s fantastic, I love Parkrun. Enjoy and getting to 5K is a great achievement.

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