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W3R3 and almost an overtake!

It's going well but a big thank you to the steadying advice on the forum. Slowing down and having a rest day has really worked for me. Big step up to week 4 tomorrow.

Yesterday's run was in Nottingham where I was visiting my son for the weekend. So I did a quick out and back. At the turn I joined another runner for a while before having to walk as per Laura's instructions. However when I started running again I started to catch up the other runner. OMG I was going to overtake someone!! Then Laura intervened after the 3 minutes and I slowed to a brisk walk again.

Note my son was going to run with me but his hangover proved too much for him. Pah! lightweight.

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Love this!... I got a real high yesterday as (for the first time since starting this)

I crossed paths with another runner..while I was running! Not walking!🤣🤣🤣

Liz x


Very well done you... and these youngsters... well we have to show then how it's done


Well done.

Keep running, keep smiling.


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