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Foot pain - my blog

Hey! I’ve recently started running on the treadmill and get a terrible pain in the middle part of the underneath of my foot, any tips? Thank you! I’m back at the start of the weight loss circle, this time hoping it’s a straight line down rather than a circle! I’ve just started a new blog - I’ve never done one before - and hoping it’s a creative way to keep me motivated. All the best, Kay Xx


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Does sound like plantar fascitis, so need gentle stretching in feet and legs, see this link....http://www.howtocureplantarfasciitis.org

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Great link, thank you! I've had physio for it but this will enable me to carry on and add more stretches to the list I already have...


Are you following the C25K programme?

Are you wearing running shoes fitted after a gait analysis at a specialist running shop?


I agree with the other people about your condition.

I will take a look at your blog as I am new to blogging too



Very well done.. make sure you are stretching well and taking it gently:)


Having arisen so soon after beginning to run, I'd be very surprised if it was PF, particularly since the condition develops over time, as a result of overuse, with discomfort commonly felt in the heel before it spreads through the arch.

That said, if soft tissue of the feet and legs isn't sufficiently strengthened and manipulated (think massage), there's a fair chance that PF may indeed occur.

As runner of over 20 years, the best piece of advice I can offer is to condition the body (chiefly, the feet, legs and core) so that it stands up to the rigours of running, thus, preventing the risk of injury; as much as you run to get fit, you must also get fit to run.

In all probability, the discomfort currently experienced is simply the muscles and connective tissue of the feet beginning to adapt to the increased force placed through them with each footfall.

However, by seeking to regularly incorporate exercises that help to strengthen the feet and calves (towel scrunches and calf raises), alongside stretching, you should hopefully find that your running benefits as a result.

Additionally, by taking the time to roll your feet out over a tennis ball or foot massage aid, both before and after running, you should find that the soft tissue of your feet doesn't feel as tight or indeed painful during and after you've run. Besides, running is particularly hard upon the feet, so it makes sense to show them a little care and attention.


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