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Second Run

Just finished week 2 run1. Cold miserable and raining. Would have been very easy to give it a miss but we went out anyway and surprisingly quite enjoyed it. Not so many aches and twinges this time but a bit breathless - could have been the cold damp air. Back home to warm turkey soup for lunch. Don't thing I've got the running bug yet but not feeling as negative as I expected. Next run on Friday then unbelievabley I'll have completed the firestorm week 😄

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Well done for starting the programme, and even more credit to you for doing so during the least friendly running months. You will be fit, new graduate just in time for the spring where you will be able to enjoy your new found running freedom in much more clement weather (hopefully).


Hi Janice, I've just done week 2 run 1 as well, also in persistent drizzle - good to know that I'm not alone in being crazily persistent with this! Good luck with the rest of the programme. This gal in Suffolk's rooting for you.:-)

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