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Second Run

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Second run today. -1°C and light snow but strong winds.

Beautiful conditions. Didn't seem any easier, but definitely didn't feel as tired at end ☺️

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Wow! If you're starting couch to 5k in that weather, you are going to be a hard core runner by the end! Looks lovely

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Geimfarinn in reply to Roxdog

Lol. I don't think I've ever been hardcore anything 🤣 So there's a first time for everything.Thanks for your kind words, hope your running is going well too

Well done! It looks lovely & you have inspired me to keep going whatever the weather.

Geimfarinn profile image
Geimfarinn in reply to Me_time

Thank you for your kind words, keep it up too ☺️

Poppdog profile image

Looks stunning good on you for getting out there

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Geimfarinn in reply to Poppdog

Thank you ☺️

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Many Vikings completed C25K before discovering new worlds 😊😊. Keep us posted. You have special permission to stop to photograph the Northern Lights.

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Geimfarinn in reply to HeavyFoot

No worries, here's one I took Christmas Eve

Aurora Borealis
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Me_time in reply to Geimfarinn

On my bucket list!

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HeavyFootGraduate in reply to Geimfarinn

Thank you. My wife and I went to Iceland five years ago to admire the cloud cover! Great fun otherwise. Went to see a comedy act at Rosenbergs (?) where we understood nothing!

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Geimfarinn in reply to HeavyFoot

They have a saying here in Akureyri that it is "Always sunny and never windy"

Sarcasm has no boundaries

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MrBassmanjazzGraduate in reply to HeavyFoot


Building the stamina to run isn’t easy and i think on that snow even harder, so beautiful though

It's not too bad, I have snow spikes on the shoes.Quite nice to run on to be honest

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WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Geimfarinn


Frenc profile image

Well done Geimfarinn. What a lovely photo 😊.

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