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I managed a run today ☺️

Well I managed to run for 25 mins to I had a few stops but I did it ☺️, I was a little frustrated at first but it’s been a while since I last ran so I was quiet happy with the result 😃, I’m going to try and squeeze another one in this week if I can

Thank you for all you comments yesterday on my walk off shame post I feel so much better now 😆hope you’ve all had a good running day my lovelies and I’ll see you all tmw 😃

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I ran too and I had several little stops. I usually do. It’s fine to do so

Felt good to run off the excess of yesterday Back out tomorrow. 😃👍


That is brilliant. Well done for getting out there and completing your run. Keep going and enjoy your running 🏃🏻‍♀️


Yeay..back out there.. you are going to be just fine :)

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