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Mince Pies & Turkey

I think I have eaten too many mince pies and now feeling the effect!!

Stayed in this morning on treadmill for my 30 min run. It had snowed overnight and by the time I went out it was slushy buy very very slippery. Decided I would spend more time trying to stop falling over and would be tense so would not enjoy it.

I think today was my worse 30 min run as I felt so tired and nearly gave up around 20 mins. My legs felt like lead and breathing was ragged. I was going slower & slower that in the end I was running so slow it was almost impossible to run if you know what I mean. I decided for the last 10 mins to do a fast walk rather than push myself.

I think just a matter really of feeling tired so did not push myself. May feel fine come Friday but will have to wait & see.Got to expect the downs as well as the ups and train through it.

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Well done for having such determination when you were feeling tired - and also for wisely listening to what your body was saying. 😀


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