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W8r1 - so very slow, but I love it!

Foggy morning here by the water and weirdly 9 degs after yesterday's heavy frost. W8R1 is done, but I am still so slow. I don't use any tracking gadgets on my run but I know how far the loop I'm taking is, and it's nowhere near 5k - optimistically it's just over 4k including both of the walks. I don't want to feel demoralised about this as I'm genuinely proud of the 28 minutes, but it does knock your confidence a bit... On the positive though, there comes a point just after half way when I smile and I know I'm doing it and in that moment I love this running lark!

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Just stay slow and enjoy.. the runs are all about relaxing and going with those new running legs!

Enjoyment is the thing.. find your happy pace and just run :)


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