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Thoughts a week after graduating, to any newbies or strugglers never give up!!!

So I graduated a week or so ago and just want to say again to anyone starting out or struggling in the early weeks DON'T GIVE UP. I know it is a cliche but when I started 10 weeks ago I hadn't done any exercise in 30 years and after 60 seconds felt like I was about to keel over.

And yet this weekend I feel like I have made a big breakthrough with a fairly comfortable 5k in 32 minutes yesterday and today 20k in 40 mins on the exercise bike and found it fine.

If you had told me 10 weeks ago.....

Never give up. 😁👍

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This programme is epic and it is amazing how quickly we can become runners......Just wish I had done it years ago! Mind you my son and daughter have both now started exercising (the third one is VERY fit) and tell me that I encouraged them with my efforts (if mum can....). So now we just need to work on Mr Wheels :)


Go on Helen, shame him.

Mind you, I won my wife round by saying absolutely nothing, after she had said "You won't get me running. I always hated running" Before I completed C25k, she had made a start.


I know that nagging will have the opposite effect to be sure! He does work a lot and does not have the flexibility of being self employed like me, to be fair. Really impressed with and supportive of my running and says he will join me when he takes early retirement in 2019, so we’lll see....


It really is incredible

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I'm only on week 2 so this is really encouraging!!


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