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W6R3 a crispy complete

It was a bit nippy this morning at 5.55am when I opened the front door and the ground was sparkling so decided to take it slow and steady.

Soon warmed up but at times I felt that I could have walked faster- I probably could. Avoided any slips and completed it without any drama so roll on week 7.

I've been monitoring my runs using an Apple Watch and today's run was 30 seconds slower per km that W6R2, but you know what, I don't mind, just glad to be out there.

Also this morning I stood on the scales for the first time since I started C25K and I have lost 7kg in weight and gone down a size in my jeans - really happy with that.

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Sounds like you are doing amazingly!

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Speed is not necessary, especially, when it is icy! Very well done you...just take care !

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If I knew what your voice sounded like - it would have been ringing in my ears Floss.

Thank you.


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