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Week 6..yes 1

Good morning? Well, wet and windy morning but good nevertheless :)

Woke up in the early hours to the sound of wind and rain. By the time 4.45 came around the wind had picked up and as the countdown to my 5am alarm grew closer I could feel my will power draining away. I checked the weather forecast; 95% chance of rain for the next few hours and then the same tonight so I decided to get up and go for it. When I opened the door even my little dog didn't want to go :)

I started my warm up walk and could feel myself becoming tense. I was cold, windy, and dark and worried about slipping so I had to consciously make an effort to relax all through the run.

It was not a day for long warm up walks so walked then ran up the hill. I got to the top as my first five minute run stopped, walked on the flat for the three minute walk then ran up and down the hills for the next eight minute run. Walked and ran on the flat to finish which was a good way to stop. Both my dog and I arrived home soaked to the skin but feeling good. Week 6! Wow!

Have a good run. Whether or not it is a good session just enjoy the feeling of the power and strength that your body is building x

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Very well done, your perseverance paid off and you enjoyed the session 😀

I’ve been fortunate that during my 8 weeks I haven’t seen any rain on my run days....long may it cintinue 😎

Enjoy the rest of week 6, you’re well on your way 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🤗

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Thanks, Ted :)

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