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Post Grad : lost count of the week but still running :-)

This week has been a bit hit and miss. Monday was so muddy and soggy I sulked. The wind was really up on Wednesday so I decided to have more duvet time instead. It was a mistake as my mood for the whole day was very low.

So Thursday morning arrived and a run was definitely needed after 2 rest days. I happened upon a new route. During my warm up walk I spied a side road that I knew ran along some houses. So off I went to explore. Low and behold there was field full of grass. It had been raining the night before but I couldn't see any mud so I entered in.

It was great. The new field is all grass. Some of it was even short. Best of all I had it all to myself. As time was short I played the speed podcast for a 16 minute run. It turned out to be interval training. I didn't quite keep up with the podcast but I didn't stop running. Oh yes and as an added bonus for getting up and running, the wet grass cleaned the mud off my trainers yee haaa!!

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Sounds pretty good to me.... very well done...I am really glad you got out and it was fun!

I love Speed... great when you are short on time too!

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That's all that matters. Just get out there and run your little legs in circles 🏃🏃🏃

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