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post graduation

HI, so i graduated in October and needed to keep going or risk having to do it all over again. Post graduation I had always wanted to do park runs, and ive now got a few under my belt. Next summer I want to run our local 10k.

So, 2 of my runs, usually Monday and Friday, i still run continuously and each week try to add somewhere between 30 secs and a minute, i dont fret if i dont achieve, as long as i maintain 30 mins.

My Wednesday run, ive gone back to the app week 1, and for the minute of running, i sprint, and then recover with walking or light jogging. This Wednesday i did this around 15 times.

Im hoping the combination of continuous running and sprints will help me get to 10k.

If anyone has any other tips, I would love to hear from you.

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Just run.. lot of times.. different routes and different distances.. the more you run... the better it gets!

Try the C25K+ podcasts.. they can be quite challenging but great fun!


thanks will look at the podcasts

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You could join jujus 10k Challenge? That may give you a nice structure too....


You're doing great, just keep sticking to a routine of running three times a week. You'll soon discover what you want to do next but the important thing is to get into the habit of running and that will give you a very strong base to push on to your next goal.

The others have given you good options but remember to enjoy it and mix it up, which it sounds as if you've been doing. Well done for keeping it up 🙂


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