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Loved avoiding a run

Hi people 2017 now and I'm still inspired by 6 year old posts!

I used to avoid running like the plague, feigned injuries and asthma attacks to avoid running. I couldn't run for a minute.

On Sunday I will be doing week 6.3 which 6.3 weeks ago would never have been imaginable.

I'm doing this on a treadmill as it fits in with my other training and my wife is embarking on week 3.

Plan is to run 3 times per week for 30 minutes a time

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Good for you! Have fun!

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Amazing! Well done for leaving the excuses behind :D

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Well done! Do have a go at outside running! I used to be a gym person but think I am now a convert to the big wide world! Well done to wifey too! I wish my OH would join me! I can hope...and hope.....and hope!☺


Thank you, I did my very first run outside and it went okay that was week one run 1. The treadmill suites me better at present

- Its cold up north so I find it really hard to breath

- I do 2 body parts weight training after every run and the gym becomes more convenient

- I want to graduate this and most of my runs have been on the treadmill

Once the weather improves or a hot weather holiday abroad, we're both running outside

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