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W7R2 on a very grey morning

Well another one ticked off bit of a slow start this morning something todo with the grey morning and took ages to get light. Quite wet underfoot but enjoyable all the same 😃

Was thinking whilst running how much better lm feeling in myself.

I’ve lost weight and my blood pressure is reducing nicely.

I feel so very relaxed when l run not something l expected l just feel the tension drain away when l run great feeling.

Early morning running is just so peaceful and in such a short time this whole experience has changed my life.

Thanks for all the support on this great forum life is good 👍❤️

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Well done you... a really positive post... and how good to know everything is settling for you!

These longer runs are great for finding that relaxed happy pace and just letting everything go :) The early morning runs are wonderful aren't they :)

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Yeh they are don’t think l would be able to run after a long day at work they energise you at the beginning of the day 😃

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