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Give it a rest

I decided today to take everybody’s advice, until now I haven’t been taking rest days because I take my runs slow I don’t feel the need to have a rest, I don’t have any aches or pains and I enjoy it so much, however after a rough nights sleep and having chest pains (nothing serious it feels like muscle ache) I decided let’s have a day off, I usually have Sundays off but this week I will have two days off , happy running everyone x

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Good decision enjoy your rest day 👍

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You may not always feel the need but there is a need, rest days are important


Please take 'rest' days and do not run on consecutive days- so that means a minimum of 3 rest days per week. You don't need to be idle- go for a walk, a bike ride or a swim. You got lots of good advice about this yesterday, why wouldn't you listen?!


I took everyone’s advice on board, I have started looking for other activities to do on my rest days, the chest pains have come from stress from work and decided I didn’t want to make it worse by running I had an amazing run yesterday so decided not to spoil my good work and put the rest days in, I think yoga or cycling is gonna be a good option for me, I didn’t run Saturday of Sunday I did a run on Monday and Wednesday I went out on Tuesday but ended up walking instead so really I’ve only done 2 runs this week so advice has been taken and listened to


Yoga, cycling and walking are all good to do on running rest days.


Do take your rest days, please.

Our muscles and bones develop minor damage as a result of the stresses produced by the impact of running. Our bodies slowly adapt by repairing that damage and at the same time strengthening the muscles and bones. This happens on rest days, not while running.

Without the rest days you don't repair or strengthen and so increase your injury risk substantially. Rest days are as crucial as running days to your physical development as a runner.

It is not recommended that you run on consecutive days until you have been a regular runner for a minimum of a year.......an arbitrary figure, I agree. Most of the experienced runners on this forum do not run consecutive days and if they do, they will never follow a tough run with a tough run. Most of us have been injured, so do not take the risk.

Although you are young and obviously coping with the demands of the plan extremely well, injury often gives no warning. You are certainly not the first person to be frustrated by the advice to take rest days, but I urge you to take it seriously and divert all that energy into alternative rest day exercise, which will all add to your growth as a runner.

We really do not want to say "We told you so."

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