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Week 8 run 1

Well I’ve unbelievably made it this far. The first week I struggled to make running for 1 minute never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would run for a full 35 mins! Soma quick question and advice I’ve been reading run fat bitch run and the writer talks about running for 5 days per week with two rest days. So far I have stuck to advice if run one day rest the next but I am really keen to get my speed up cos I’m so slow 🐢 do we think this may help? Any advice greatly received

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Never, ever run on two consecutive days.....even our most experienced seasoned Graduates will tell you this.. and at this early stage in your running, it is a sure way to hit the IC.

You maybe feel brilliant..but as IannodaTruffe explains so many times to folk.. the legs and muscles need recovery time. Hidden damage and micro tears need time to repair.

if you feel great, up your rest day exercises.. strength and stamina, swimming or cycling, climbing or walking... Pilates or Yoga... so much to choose from to use that excess energy.

Enthusiasm is great... but do not risk injury!

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As a new runner, running on consecutive days is wholly inadvisable, as Oldfloss explains. I have read various lengths of time before you can consider running on consecutive days, between nine and eighteen months of regular running.

Even then your running programme should never involve a tough run following a tough run. I have run on consecutive days only a handful of times in the last few years, because I have experienced injury and I do all I can to avoid it recurring.

To build your speed, when you have graduated, you need to continue to run regularly, but not always trying to be fast. Speed evolves from more efficient cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, both of which develop over time and while running slowly. I advised somebody on the Bridge to 10k forum just the other day, that I believe I became a faster runner by running further.

It is all a matter of miles on your legs and there is no shortcut.


Awww thanks for your replies I did think it wasn’t advisable to run consecutively and I certainly don’t want any injury that will put me out of action. I do walk for about an hour on the days that I don’t run so guess I’m doing the right things Just I’m being a bit impatient 😂😂


Nah, don’t try and speed up., 😱 stop right there . No!

This programme is about finishing each session in one piece and free from injury

Faster running can happen once you’ve built your running legs, which happens with slow running and rest days, and takes time.

Just do the sessions as described and have fun 😃👍🏃‍♀️

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