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Glasses in the Rain

Just finished W8R1, covering 4km in the pouring rain, and I LOVED IT! The run makes me too hot to worry about a little water, and I always wondered if I'd be a Puddle Splasher or Avoider. I'm happy to announce that I'm a Puddle Not Even Noticer! Arrived home soaking wet, grinning manically, and feeling great.

However, I wear glasses (can't use contacts) and they were misted up and covered in rain. Does anyone else run in glasses? How do you cope with rain? Would a cap help?

It didn't spoil the sheer joy of the run, but I'd love to find a solution if there is one.

Enjoy your run today, whatever the weather :-)

3 Replies

A great run, well done!

In the rain I use a cap, it keeps your head dry and rain out of your eyes/ off glasses!


Cap... yes.. brilliant.. forgot mine yesterday.. and the not forecast rain... rained!!


I have the women's version... huge brim, great fit and ideal rain or shine,,, I wear glasses too!

Well done you.... I got soaked yesterday... terrific fun! Muddy but fun and yes, you are a real runner.. through those puddles :)


Excellent - thanks. I've just ordered a bright pink one. Will be here ready for my next run :)


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