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W4R6 (!)

Met report: air temperature 4°C, rel humidity 60%, cloud cover 0.1%, solar elevation 11°.

This felt teeth-chatteringly cold when I went out the front door but like so many other things in life I got used to it.

Today was another of these gorgeous autumn days, so beautiful that it doesn’t seem possible.

Last Saturday was the First Day Of Winter here, officially! What a day for a run!

On my warm-down walk I encountered a wren by the side of the road foraging for food. I felt glad of the companionship …

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Beautiful ... beautiful... ! Very well done.. slow and steady and wrap up well :)


Well done, Big_D! Sounds perfect. I've just completed wk4 and the autumn weather in Kent has been gorgeous this last week. Wrap up warm and good luck with wk5

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