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new gear, no tricks, just a treat!

got a bit fed up with the choice of either my non-fit dri-fit and my rapidly wearing-out thin cotton leggings which I have yoga'd in for a few years now. So I bought some bamboo exercise stuff, because ... I'm hoping it's less harmful than polyester and less weirdly plastic feeling? (Though, there was a lot of plastic packaging...) Tried it on immediately when it arrived.

I had no idea my bum and thighs would appreciate so much *support*! What a change from the thin cotton or the ill-fitting sportswear. The belly was less of a surprise on that front and the result of my height is that the belly was indeed supported and covered quite well by the waistband.

I felt so great I had to immediately road-test. I'd chosen well - orangey go-faster stripe to match the pumpkins decorating the residential streets - whoops, that means I'll miss any trick-or-treaters that come to my door, I'd pretty much forgotten about hallowe'en in the moment. The orange clashed gloriously with my pink legwarmers. Below the knee the leggings are quite big for me, but never mind. Genuinely felt like a runner, looked like a small sweaty lost 80's themed zombie. Ran 25 minutes (using a timer on my digital watch, to continue the 80s theme!).

The one running-related concern is a weird knee feeling, but I think I just need to sit better and do strengthening exercises and get better shoes... oh hm, that's a few things. I'll get on...

Happy Hallowe'en / GBBO final day!

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Never heard of bamboo running gear. Amazing how some nice new togs can help your running!

Enjoy :)


I didn't imagine I would feel so *immediately* keen to get a run in!


The power of new running gear! Nice to have a treat now and then.

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I'm itching to go to the shops now 8(


I'm literally aching to get to the shops - I ought to get that gait analysis...fully aware since getting on this forum that I ought to have done that before purchasing my first running shoes 😬


New running gear = more motivation

Well done you. Strengthening exercises are a great idea. :-)


they are ... I started doing them sitting at my desk when I started C25K and was worried about my knees and then... ermm... stopped >_<


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