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Week 4 - better late than never 😊

Completed slightly later than planned (due to aforementioned marsh related incident) 💦 👣 A good learning point though not to push on regardless if you don’t feel happy with a run, glad I had a rest day then redid it - both physically and psychologically. 16 minutes worth of running 😮 state of me, big change I saw this week was recovering faster from the runs, I still find the running tough going but definitely recovering faster ready for the next one. On another note those of you who followed my phone in bra related post will be happy to hear I bought a running belt yesterday, it’s fab and my lady bits are now much safer 👍😃

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Yay glad u completed week 4! We are at the same place now.. somehow found getting out the last week was really difficult and not sure why!! I’m glad I told the gremlins to go away and went out this afternoon and got it done!

Good news on the running belt 😜 xx

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👍 must admit feeling apprehensive about week 5, but there again I’ve felt apprehensive about every week and we’ve cracked those so ... onwards and upwards 🏃🏻‍♀️💪🏻 xx

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