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Pain on inner knee

My last run W2 R2 yesterday was fine, no pain, but today my inner knee is sore. It doesn't hurt constantly but is tender.

I've been practicing the barefoot running style, or trying to as I've always hurt my back when I've run before.

So, should I delay my next run, which is due tomorrow?

I really don't want to as I'm concerned that if I lose momentum I won't start again.

I try to land lightly as Odfloss advises but I can't really tell if I am or not.

Could it be something to do with my running style that I could correct?

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I came to follow you, after you kindly replied to my post. I understand your aches...my right hip ached too, a lot before I started with C25k and still does after each run. I take great lengths to stretch out all my limbs at the end of each run but it still aches...I'm blindly hoping it will calm down as I get fitter and learn to run more lightly :)

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Thanks Dizzic, i'll follow your lead and keep going, and stretch more. Hope your hip eases soon :-)


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