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The beginning of week 9!

I can’t even put words to how proud I am of having run half an hour!

Took the hubby with me tonight. He was happy to jog alongside and let me set the pace - so that was nice. Found I pushed myself just a little harder (he’s a lot fitter than I am) and actually managed my best pace yet, and the smallest amount of chatting.

Somehow I still had enough left for the push in the last couple of minutes. So, so proud. Last time he ran with me was week 2, so I think he’s impressed too!

Can’t believe I made it this far- and feeling this good about it!

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Well done! I did the same run tonight. It feels great doesn't it?!? Graduation is in sight!

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Well done! I did this run tonight with a new playlist and loved it. Like you, I can’t believe I’m running for half an hour - but once I got through the W5R3 run I was confident the programme would get me through - what do you think you’ll you after graduation?


That's fantastic well done 👏 I'm on your heels!


Well done the end is in sight great achievement 👍👏


Good for you! And a big well done! 👏👏👏


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