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Week 3 Run 1 at last

Week 3 Run 1 at last

After slipping and hurting my back last Friday, I have finally been able get out and do W3R1 ...

Taking advantage of the reasonable weather before the storm hits tomorrow and a lovely run around the park.

Run felt good, no pain from my back or hip so that was a blessing, think I need to work on my breathing a bit as was a bit huffing and puffing by the time I was getting to the end of the three min runs but all in all not too bad.

Hope the weather is not to bad on Sunday... looking forward to the next instalment!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and stay safe if you do venture out in the bad weather 👍

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Well done Tony, glad to hear your back didn’t cause you any discomfort and you got your dose of endorphins! I felt exactly the same on my first week 4 run, out of breath and struggling a little towards the end but the second run was my best by far so I’m sure you’ll be fine come Sunday.

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Well done for getting back out there! Glad to hear that you weren't still suffering with your back pain! I'm enjoying the programme so much that I am paranoid about getting an injury and having to miss it! I've got Wk4R2 today, with a bit of luck the wind will be in my favour! 😊


Well done, even if the weather is 'bad' approach like a little adventure and have fun 😎


Glad you managed to get out there without back problems, and hope the storm is not too brutal - stay safe.


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