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Chapter 1 completed

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Sometime last year I decided to start running to get fit. I did a few stretches, stepped outside and set off, and it ended in disaster. I had to keep stopping and finished up gasping for air, dizzy and feeling sick. I shuffled off home and, embarrassed and frustrated, didn't go again.

I heard about Couch to 5k earlier this year and downloaded an app, but didn't actually do anything more. Then, with my 49th birthday approaching in August I finally made the decision to act. I've never been one to make long term plans and live my life day to day. It's worked fine for me to now, but with the big five-oh on the horizon I began thinking about the years ahead. I sit at a desk all day and on the sofa most evenings and weekends, and if I continued that way there was a good chance of health issues in the coming years. It was time to do something about that.

I revisited C25K and found the NHS version and this forum. It was just what I needed. A structured approach, a steady build up of running time, and great support and information. I didn't use the app or podcast, just followed the week by week guide using the stopwatch on my cheapo digital watch for timings. I enjoyed the new challenges of each week and the satisfaction of achieving them, and progressed through the weeks.

This morning I stepped outside once more, only this time with the previous 9 weeks of steady build up I ran for 30 minutes, slow and steady, and I'm now a Couch to 5K graduate! Chapter 1 is complete, and I've found I really enjoy running and intend to continue. I have a plan in place to consolidate what I've achieved so far, then gradually improve towards 5K in 30 minutes, then who knows what beyond that. For now though, I will just enjoy the moment...

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Well done you 👏👨‍🎓 great chapter 1 good luck with chapter 2 end most of all enjoy the moment!! 👍

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Brilliant achievement T! Off that couch for good by the sounds of your plans.

Keep running and keep posting 😀🏃🏻🏃🏻‍♀️

Congratulations and well done Trevor for graduating the c25k plan.😊...👏👏👏👏👏

Good luck with your continuing journey, we are all running with you.

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Fabulous post, Trevor - and well done! Good luck with chapter 2, and all the others that will hopefully follow. Keep on running, and keep on enjoying it!

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Huge congratulations... and the best part..the journey goes on. Well done you...Graduate:)

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So the end of the beginning.............where to next.

The world is your running track, enjoy it.

Many congratulations, fellow runner.

Nicely done, you are so right its just the first chapter out of the way... the intro is completed now lets get into the story

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