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Exercising on rest days

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It's a mile up the hill to the nearest pub and a mile (and a quarter ;) ) on the way back.

Happy Friday everyone.

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Pub and exercise....Brilliant :) Enjoy the day off; you earned it :)

Wish I could like this more than once. Enjoy.

A perfect Friday - it's less than half a mile down hill for me though!

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GingerBohemianGraduate in reply to cathsykes

Prefer downhill on the way home.

I would to but you can't choose the location of the pub!!

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Little devil!

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Cheers! Train home for me... 10 miles a bit far to stumble...

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GingerBohemianGraduate in reply to icklegui

There you go. That is your target. Slow and steady and build up a bit each week :)

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ickleguiGraduate in reply to GingerBohemian

Is drunk running recommended? I'm thinking no...

(I don't drink much, I'd just like to note!)

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