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Week 6 done

Not at the office today where I normally run so was going to do run 3 tomorrow as I will be somewhere not so hilly as home ....but my head and my body were telling me to run today as is my routine. So in my new proper running gear I set off. It's very hilly in my small village so I ran along the back lane to the grounds of a private school, to my horror I was half way through when my teacher friend drove past and waved. I waved back, but then my brain suddenly realised I was actually running and was proud of myself so I carried on and in no time my 25 minutes was up. I am on the cusp of finally believing I am a runner - this long one was less hard than the two interval ones earlier in the week.

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Sorry... but, you are... a RUNNER! Time to 'fess up and put it out there.

Very well done you! Keep it slow and steady and really start to find your happy pace in the lovely longer runs:)

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Thank you

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