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I’ve just started c25k (again!) but am determined to graduate this time. I was just wondering if anybody does this programme on a treadmill as due to work and family life I haven’t time in the evenings to get out and run and in the morning it’s too dark. I was in the gym and on the treadmill at 6am this morning. Just hoping it has the same impact. Thanks.

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Running is running and apparently running on a treadmill is running too ( I own up to my prejudice against dreadmills)

Set the infernal machine to an incline to better simulate running outdoors, otherwise your transition to the outside will be hard going.

You will still develop running muscles, cardiovascular system and stamina on the treadmill but you increase your risk of dying of boredom.

I wish you the best of luck, but I would (and do) run in the dark and the weather at six o'clock in preference to being a hamster on a wheel.

Keep running, keep smiling,


Shivani05 is our resident treadmill expert and graduate. Check out her posts she has written loads of advice and guidance


I did most of the programme on a treadmill because of an old ankle injury but ventured outside after graduation. Loads of people (mostly non-runners 😏) told me that running on a treadmill was so much easier than running outside (they did neither) but that's just rubbish.

Running is running, it's a different experience and in some ways a treadmill is harder mentally as you've really got to get your head around looking at a wall or some other boring feature. For me, music was the greatest distraction.

You've started which is the hardest step. Well done to you. Keep going on the treadmill. If you do venture outside the trickiest bit is to get your pacing right as it's much easier to set that on the treadmill. The secret is to run very, very slowly outside until you find your pace.

Good luck, enjoy and keep posting.


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