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R4W3 done

Last week I got highly anxious at the prospect of a 5 minute continuous run so much so that I chickened out of even trying the first run on my scheduled day. Today however I successfully completed the 3rd run. The oddest part being I no longer dread the longer runs coming up. I now believe I can continue to push the lengths up. This feels like a major psychological yep forward.

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Slow it right down.

Plod along.

Feel that great feeling when you complete a longer run.

Sounds like you already have the right attitude for it!

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That's how it works!

You complete a run........ you are ready for the next one.

Trust the plan, believe in yourself,


Well done.

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No need for dread at all..just trust the programme, and have faith in yourself. Believe you can and you are half way there:)


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