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W7r1 done!

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Big thanks again Fiona b for the gentle nudge.

Over a week since last run but went inside for it as the weather was dire all day. Inside was easier for pace and didn’t have to worry about too hot too cold I was just sweating as usual! I prefer outside but it’s a good alternative and keeps me moving. Thanks everyone here, your support and stories got me off the couch today.

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Now you are on the longer runs.. well done by the way... enjoy them...:)

Slow and steady... relax into them and feel your running legs carrying you along!

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lumpymum in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you. Yes slow is key and knowing if I get past first 10 mins I’m ok...and music is great to get me moving! Helps me zone out which I didn’t think running would ever offer me. Especially pleased also that after an unplanned break I was able to get back on. Relieved I’m keeping a level of fitness!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to lumpymum

Go you... doing just fine:)

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Hi lumpymum, sorry I did not have time to really acknowledge your efforts yesterday. It sounds like you are super busy with many commitments, which makes exercising tough (for me anyway). I have never found it very enjoyable so it works best for me if it fits into my day. When I started C25K I incorporated it into my morning dog walk, but the dog is getting on in years and is not really up for longer runs, so now I have to do them separately. However! That is nothing to the amount of organising you have to do to run, so well done you! You have made it to Week 7 which is great going.

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lumpymum in reply to Fiona_B

Not at all! I just wanted you to know you made a difference! Sometimes family saying are you going for a run just doesn’t work. Your kind words did.

The big thing has been that despite a break the fitness is still there so the pressure is off for busy me and you in terms of fitting in 3x a week. If I can’t do it one week it’s fine.

Very hard to do runs and dog walks. Lots of effort. Good for you. I can’t take the doc either as I struggle to run and keep an eye on her.

I’m determined to keep it up, the support on here is great. Next step weight loss but one thing at a time.

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