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Post-run pond sludge, anyone?

Post-run pond sludge, anyone?

Back on track today, with W8R1. I've had a week off as I've not been well, so I ran at the gym to go a bit easy on myself. They've got some shiny new machines there, at first a bit disconcerting as the belt felt slippy underfoot on my warm-up walk - not something you want when running - but happily it was ok once I got going. The screen showed my journey through the Grand Canyon - heartily glad I wasn't actually running there, as those sandy, rocky, twisty pathways looked pretty treacherous! Mind you, I felt like I was there heat-wise - super sweaty and off-the-scale red-faced...hopefully attributable to being post-poorly!

Made it through the 28 minutes, and the Grand Canyon is certainly more attractive to look at than the old paint scuff on the wall! 😁

I made myself a healthy protein smoothie when I got home, although with blueberries rather than my usual mango as a little fruit sweetener, it was more reminiscent of something skimmed off the top of a pond than my normal pick-me-up. Once I got my head round it and told myself it tasted just as good as normal it was fine..... a mind-game, just like running! πŸ˜πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

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What is your sludge recipe? Inquiring minds want to know....


No problem!

I make sure I have some protein in there - either as a powder or I prefer to use a seed mix - linseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds - grind a tablespoon of this mix in your bullet/blender before you add other ingredients. Good for protein and healthy fats/omega 3&6.

Then this time I added :

a big handful of fresh or a few blocks of frozen spinach

Piece of frozen mango (or frozen blueberries if the sludge life appeals 😁)

A little orange juice (fresh squeezed or carton)

Thumb sized piece of ginger if you like it (I love it!)

Some ice cubes

Other liquid to your taste e.g. Almond milk, coconut water....I use oat milk as I'm allergic to nuts and I don't much like coconut water.

Play around with the amount of liquid, maybe start with about 150 ml, top up with milk or water if needed for your preferred consistency. Not too much juice though, watch those blood sugars!

Blitz in your blender! (I've got a nutri-bullet).

I tend to throw in whatever I've got though - always protein and greens, then a little frozen fruit, fresh ginger, maybe half an avocado and liquid of choice. Personally, I don't know whether the milky liquids would go with citrus (curdle-y?), I always use oat milk, which I just think of as oaty water πŸ˜‚ and which works fine as in 'recipe' above.

Happy slurping!

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Lovely! My kind of gloop...I make a super pear on with ginger in it too !

Go you!

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That really does look like pond sludge!! Sorry to hear you've not been well - but great you are back on it! I've heard people say it is easier going on a treadmill - I don't get it as thought it would be boring. How does it compare to being outdoors for you?


Physically, I find it much easier on the treadmill, because you can set your pace and incline (or not!) and you don't have to worry about the natural elements - wind, rain, heat, cold, twisting your ankle in a dip... you know you just have to plod on the same. Don't get me wrong, I still have to go really slowly πŸ˜‚

But you're right, it can be really boring! I much prefer to run (shuffle) outside, and I feel a greater sense of achievement when I complete an outside run as I know, for me, it is harder won.

Also, ironically I know because I really understand how it's such a big confidence thing to take your running out in public, I actually now feel much less "observed" outside - you can just smile and "hello" as you pass people buy and then you may never see them again, whereas I feel a bit of a fraud in the gym and think everyone must be having a quiet giggle to themselves about how slowly I am going on the treadmill! Mind you, it has taken me to week 7 and beyond to not worry about who's house I am running past, and who might spot me - now I don't care, I'm just enjoying the fact that I'm out there doing this!

My long term plan is for me to be running free in the great outdoors, taking in all the sounds, sights and smells, but the treadmill is a useful fall-back option.


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