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Treadmill v road

Hi everybody, Had my first proper Treadmill run today, tried out the follow on Podcast, which is really good by the way ;) I managed it all the way through and felt like crying !!! Managed 4.4 K, but nothing I could do about that as the podcast finished! Anyway I just wondered if any of you prefer running on a Treadmill or outdoors? I usually run out doors but got given a ten day gym pass so thought Sod it.

I still think I prefer road running as I get too hot in a gym! Friday I might try it again and see if I can do 5k, I am determined :)

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I'm only on week 4 and I've done all my planned running on the treadmill - the one at the gym is nice because it has several different fan settings so don't get too hot. I did my first outdoors run on Saturday and it was certainly more challenging. I didn't follow a podcast, it was a local beginners running group (although there was actually only me and the coach there!). The hills made it tougher ! I enjoyed it though and plan to do a run with the group each week, along with the regular training on the treadmill. We ran through a nature park I hadn't known existed - nice to discover new places while out and I'll probably appreciate them even more as I get fitter ;-) Good luck on Friday, I'm sure you can do it !


i always ued to run on a treadmill at home but for the last 2 weeks have been running outside in this lovely spring air. cant beat the cool breeze and the lovely surroundings i prefer running outside i think.


I started c25k a year ago & completed it on a treadmill. I then did b210k, also on the treadmill. I bought one second hand & have it set up with a portable fan blowing air as I run. 2 weeks ago I went to the gym & couldnt run there as I was too hot.

I ran 8miles monday on the treadmill & have just recently started running outside. there is definately a difference. it is alot harder outside & there is more to think about (dogs, people, cars etc). it has taken me 4 weeks to build up to 40 minuteswithout stopping but am getting there.

I would compare running on a treadmill to running down a gentle slope outside :)

PatButcher, I did the follow-on podcast today aswell. I really enjoyed it & found concentrating on the pace made the run fly by. I was even able to "slow down" for the warm-up jog without feeling clumpy :)


I like the treadmill sometimes; it just depends what mood I'm in! I nearly always go outside but outside is definitely more of a workout! The new podcast did make the run go're right Shelley. I will definitely be thinking more about keeping to a steady pace now, and trying to build a s I go through. It would be good to try the next speed up, because apparently there are going to be two more faster ones :)

This podcast is too slow to achieve 5k I think Pat; we'll have to wait for the faster ones for this.


I think it is more difficult outside, in that you have small and not so small slopes every now and then, depending on where you run. I always run in the park when I run outside, never on the street, in fact I can't see myself running along a street.

But I also enjoy the treadmill, it's just a different kind of workout, so it's nice to swop between the two now and then I think :)


Just done the wk4 r1 today on the treadmil I have a great scenic route outside and definitely prefer running outside feel so proud running along the street! It was a really hard run and I was so chuffed to finish it, but the point is running on the treadmill is definitely more stable and persistent which is why I always do my first run on it and the 2nd and 3rd on the street\grass. Good system I think


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