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Week 9 run 3 in the bag

Week 9 run 3 in the bag

Pleased to say I’ve got this far. So thankful to those on this forum that have helped and encouraged along the way.

Looking forward to establishing the 30 mins run time more securely over the coming weeks, as I’m only achieving it still by the skin of my teeth!

This is through no fault of the programme, however, but my lack of consistency over the past few weeks.

Hopefully those of you still heading towards week 9 can stick to the routine better than me and fly through, finishing on a high as I’d have liked to. My sense of success will come with more of a slow burn, I suspect, but I am so thankful for this programme and all involved for reminding me that I can get this far.

I’ll stick around for a bit, if that’s ok, as I plan to redo week 9 a few times for that sense of security before I move fully into the bridge to 10k but am mildly excited about the transition now and have some nice routes in mind, which I’ve had a go at walk running (mostly walking!) and am excited to see where things go from here.

Hopefully some experiences like the ‘old hands’ on here have described, although obviously I won’t be as poetic, at least at relaying them back!

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Brilliantly done, well done you a nice shiny graduate badge glinting in the sun.

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Yeay!!! Go you Graduate.. well done indeed!!

Bask in the glory and then think where you may want to go after a couple of weeks consolidation :) The good news is we shall be right here with you !!

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Well done, fellow runner.

Many congratulations.

Stick around? Some of us have been here for years.............who else would have us?

Keep running, keep smiling.

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