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The deja vu feeling

So today was W7R3.

Mentally I think I crossed a bridge from W7R1 to W7R2.

R1 was me joffling and puffing along the Lane of Pain and asthma kicking in and really just generally not enjoying myself>

R2 seemed to just breeze by and I enjoyed every minute of it.

So despite a slight over indulgence at the weekend and an overcast sky that was threatening rain I set off in the car for the 2 minute drive to my start point.

Oh my word....R2 was just a pleasurable tease compared to R3.

I sailed up Turmoil Tarmac, glided up the Lane of Pain and before I knew it my turn back signpost was in sight. But hang on? I wasn't out of breath, my breathing seemed to be going in through my nose and out though my mouth and I hadn't told MJ to **** off once. In fact, I glanced down at the phone as I wasn't sure if the battery had gone flat as I hadn't heard him speak for ages. And then I realised....I had reached my turn back signpost and I wasn't even at the half way ding a ling. In fact I literally touched the sign just as the halfway bell sounded.

The way back was great. I went from 'slowly slowly slowly' and increased the pace to 'slowly slowly' and then really went for it and upped the pace to 'slowly'.

It was a personal best distance wise for me today. I dont measure the speed of my run but how far I am back towards the car before I am told to 'Slow it down but keep them legs moving'. Today I was further than ever before. In fact I was nearly back at the car before the 5 min cool down had finished.

Great feeling.

But why the deja vu?

Well....I had to go to the post office as soon as I got back and then walk our two dogs. So I normally get the dog walking done and then go for a shower from the dog walk/run.

But today I was working out in my mind when I would be finishing and what days to run on as I have business travel coming up again next week.

And then I remembered that due to my own small screen and fat thumbs that I had inadvertently missed W6R1 and had gone straight from W5R3 to W6R2.

Now I had been chastised by JanCanRun as it would mean I would not be able to graduate as I would not have officially completed all the runs.

So with the words of everyone on here ringing in my ears about taking rest days inbetween runs I realised there would be an extra reason for a rest day and I found myself back in the car and back to the start point.

But I had no headphones and a nearly dead phone but it was now or never. A good warm up stretch and it was off again. To be fair the incline did hit the calves to start with but only for a while. It actually hit them more after the 5min run and the 3min walk started. But by the 8 min run I was in a rhythm. Touched the turn back sign for the 2nd time in a day with the old guy in his garden looking at me and thinking 'Wasn't he here earlier or am I losing it?' and headed back down the path. 3min walk, 5min run and then cool down. And I felt great.

No asthma, no wobbly legs, no 9,000 bpm heart rate.

Just a great feeling.

Did I probably run more today than I should have. Yes.

Would I 'double run' on a regular basis. Not at all.

But today felt good.

So long the missed run of W6.

Adieu W7. We went through bad times and came out the other side better for it.

W8.....brace yourself.

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Great story

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Okay... I got really lost somewhere on your journey!!! Duh!

So.... I am just going to say... well done? Take a rest day now ? Move on to Week 8 ? and keep it steady and slow... I think :) x


Maybe head out again and tell the old chap, he is not hallucinating:) x

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Missed W6R1 the other week.

Did W7R3 today. Then went back out and did W6R1 today as well.

W8R1 next up


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Oh my goodness.. got it...:)

I just have to, now, pretend I did not read the bit about two runs.... ( eyes closed now)... :)

Steady as you go, young person!!! ( Teacher voice and finger wagging! )


>_< for the double running - v bad! :P

However, I had to say I loved your three speeds from triple slowly to slowly.

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