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No that's not my IQ or my shoe size, it's the number of runs I have left before the end of the program and I start re-running it.

Week EIGHT (!! OMFG) Run 1 is in the bag, still sweating more than usual but no where near as hard as last week, may be the bug is wearing off, I hope so.

I was really tempted to ignore Laura on the 28 minute mark and continue for the last 2 minutes, but I'm a good boy and I'm taking no shortcuts!

Today I have run further and longer than I ever, and I mean EVER have, true I ran for 25 minutes last week but I've beat my last personal record.

I'll never set any land speed records but in the run today I covered 3.9km.

While I was plodding along I had a thought, I was comparing myself to the previous other mes, you know, the one from each run I have completed before, where each one would have fell away at the treadmill-side.

The program isn't a race of a competition but I'm beating the old mes, true weeks 1,2 and 3 me would have started faster but would have fallen away quickly, week 4 and 5 me would have been there for longer but eventually fallen away to. Week 6 and 7 me would have been harder to shake but would also have fallen back too.

Sorry if that seems weird, Mrs LeeU says I think about some weird stuff from time to time, well most of the time but I like to visualise things, my improvement in this case, try it, it really helps.

I'm no racing snake but as long as jogging counts as running, then I'm a runner and I'm a proud one at that.

Thank you all, the runner may have been inside me all along but it's taken all of you to help bring it out.

Cool Runnings!

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I look forward to your posts..they are so positive and helpful to the other forum family members:)

You are indeed a runner... and a super one... Getting so, so close now... it is exciting!! Well done you!


I think weird stuff too... wrote a post on it once..it might amuse you, if you have a moment free:)


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LeeUGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you, I treat every day that I get out of bed to be a positive thing to be honest, it's an extra plus that on three of those days I drag my carcass onto the treadmill and plod along for a while.

I don't think your post was weird, very good actually, I like it and can hear the tune as I'm reading the words, they fit very well.

I know it's close, 2 minutes BUT...

If I can run for 20 minutes then I can run for 25,

If I can run for 25 minutes then I can run for 28

If I can run for 28 minutes then I can run for 30

Once I can run for 30 minutes, then I can run further, faster.

Added a new line to my mantra, the help on here and this has got me so far (ok the mantra only took hold really after W5R3 but I find it really helps).

As above, the runner may have been inside me all along but it's all of you in the forum family that has helped pull him out. :) ;) ;) ;) :)

Cool running indeed

Well done Lee😊

Keep going...you are getting there😎xx

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Very impressive, LeeU! It is so good to share your journey with you, thanks! It really helps me to read positive posts like this from people ahead of me.

You have come a long way, and should be totally proud of yourself. 😀 Yay!

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