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Out of hiding

For my final run of week 3 I came out of hiding and it felt so good. I hadn't told anyone I was doing this and I have been running early on the dog walks over the fields but the mud, hills, naughty pups and uneven ground was making it harder to stay upright and run correctly. So yesterday I took my running gear to work, got changed and did my final week 3 run from the office and down the side of the canal. Good half of the run next to a busy road. People smiled at me and it felt great. So going forward I will do all my runs from the office and see if I can inspire others.

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Love the title 'out of hiding' I did my first few runs in disguise too, baseball cap on and all in black praying that the person in the distance wasn't someone I knew. And that was running with friends. Now only 2 wks in I'm feeling a lot more confident and even went out in hi viz the other day minus my cap. Loving the friendly reaction you get from other runners too, even though I look like a beetroot ! My pup isn't quite sure what to think of mum doing this sporadic running every few minutes instead of our normal leisurely stroll with a ball & chucker. He's gets excited when he sees me putting on my new trainers though !

You are doing brilliantly & inspiring me too, thank you & enjoy your next run 😊


Thank you. My two think I am mad as I turn round and run up and down the fields, they love it though as they can chase more pheasants while I am busy running so it's helping them too!


Big news breaking - another runner coming out of hiding. I reckon every day on this plan there's one more of us who says 'what the hell' I am loud and proud and a runner. It usually coincides with buying your first piece of Fluoro kit! Its lovely that you are confident to do it. Well done you

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Very well done... we think you are already an inspiration :)


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