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W3R2 Treadmill?

Just finished WK3R2, and have a question.

I run on a treadmill, I have a reason, I have MS and my balance is very bad. I have a support bar near me when I am on the treadmill, for the shaky moments.

I am wondering if running on a treadmill will be detrimental to my form?

I would love to run outside, but currently that is off the table for safety reasons.

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Bummer that you can't run outside. Perhaps you can walk outside? A lot of members swear by the benefits of just getting out. Another option (for later) would be to run with a buddy who knows how to catch you if you stumble, perhaps?

Meanwhile many members, I believe, have completed the programme on the treadmill. Form shmorm -- you'll be absolutely fine.

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Treadmill is absolutely fine. I am in awe of people who can do it indoors. Outside is the only way I can keep the boredom at bay. Some people seem to have done the whole thing without leaving their garden too. Good luck and enjoy. The benefits are the same wherever you run.

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Shivani05 is our resident long term mega treadmill graduate. So she is probably one of the best people to ask. Check out all her posts about her runs. I don't have a treadmill and run only outdoors, but her posts are so encouraging, I would give treadmills a try!

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