week 6, stuck

Hi all, I got stuck in week 6, been doing run twice already, because I couldn't get to past it. I don't seem to be able to move to the run 3 (25 min!), I just leave to many rest days in between and then just don't feel ready and prefer to repeat the previous run. I'm not sure it's something to do with organising my schedule better, the weather is certainly not helping, or perhaps just the fear of not being able to it? or injuring? there's something about the long runs with no walking perhaps?


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  • I fell into the same trap of repeating the runs that I felt more comfortable with instead of moving on. You just have to take that leap and if the more difficult run is too hard and you have to stop, there's no shame in taking a minute to get your breath back! I also found that my hesitation was mostly mental, as you do have the ability to run for 25 minutes at this point in the programme but the prospect of that seems daunting. Try your best, and go SLOW! You can definitely do it πŸ‘

  • thanks, I know, I just have to try it :)

  • How has run 2 gone (how ever many times you've done it)? If quite comfortably, then you definitely can do run 3. If it's been a struggle, then each time you've done it you've increased your fitness in preparation for run 3. At this stage, so much of it is a mind game. And you have the choice to decide who the winner is going to be. 😊

  • Yes... A mind game!

  • Hate to say this, it's all in your head, you did W5R3 which is a bigger step up than W6R3 is. Give it a go, visualise yourself completing the full 25 minutes, YOU CAN DO THIS!

    Slow and steady, breathe, every time the gremlins tell you you've got to stop tell yourself one more minute.

  • Love it!!!! x

  • I'll run my way out of my comfort zone!

  • Ah yes. Week 7 struck me this way. But it's only gremlins. Were you "ready" with week 1? How about week 3? I see no sign that you *can't* do it, only that perhaps you don't quite want to try? So I think just do it, and get it done. Being stuck is boring.

  • That definitely will do it, I can't stand boredom. That's the reason I never liked the gym and instead started this programme. So why stay with the boring repeat routine!

  • Hi Goya, if you don't try it you will never get beyond Week 6. What is the worst can happen? You try it and it doesn't quite work out... No biggie keep trying it until it does. Running is as much in the head as in the legs. If you build it up to be a 'can't do run' then it becomes a 'can't do run'.

    And it's a can do run - I did it so did countless others, and btw I hated Week 6 after the joy of W5 R3.

    But we are here on your shoulders in spirit ( you don't want our bodies that would weigh you down!). Go you and let us know just how successful you were

  • I'll definitely try tomorrow! Worse case scenario I'll repeat run 3! At least I'll be one step closer to week 7

  • Do week 7! Week 6 is boring :-)

  • Just get out there... warm up well...start slow and keep it slower....just relax and enjoy the scenery!

    Anticipation, not apprehension...just go into this, knowing how far you have come.... you are going to be fine:)

  • Anticipation is the word, I'll try tomorrow for sure

  • There's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't just keep repeating a run you are comfortable with. You won't progress, build stamina or ever run for thirty minutes, but if you are happier doing that, good luck to you.

    Think positive. Move on.

  • Thanks. That's great advice actually. I'll try tomorrow and keep trying until I can move to week 7! One run at a time

  • Yep one run at a time..but make it a new run! You can do this!! πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘πŸ»

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