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Runners knee?

Having graduated early in the summer I successfully pushed on to 5k. Then summer holidays in Florida left me with no opportunities to run, stifling heat and humidity coupled with obsessive Disney and universal rope drop adventures. I remember doing some tai chi whilst under the influence then the next day after Kennedy space centre my knee was agony. I have been nursing it for five weeks now, and whilst it is better I still keep getting pain in the muscles above the kneecap. I decided to hit the trail back on wk 5 last night and managed it. My mate recons it is 'runners knee' - anyone heard of this, and how do I prevent a recurrence???

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Too be honest it could be one of several things, and even if it was runners knee it could be caused by, again, several things. The first step is correct diagnosis, as the wrong treatment will not cure the issue and could lead to more damage. Only with correct diagnosis can you be sure you are treating it properly.

Seek expert medical advice.


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