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Suddenly Sore

Morning! I am about to embark on W6R3 which I am proud to say I am looking forward to tackling. Can anyone please explain why all of a sudden post run my legs don't feel as if they belong to me and are aching like they did at the very beginning? I am careful to warm up/ cool down and on non run days stretch. I feel as if I need a good massage. Any advice please? Thanks x

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New runners get some aches n pains, stretch the legs well after your running before you cool right off, calves, hamstrings & glutes & thighs..there's a pinned post that'll show you how to do them properly.. foam rolling will also help and make sure you keep well hydrated, and slow and steady, your doing great! Keep it up!😊

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Thanks davelinks I will have a squizz. Who knew I could run!? 😁


Stretch on run days too... especially after runs...! Also, dynamic stretching before a run is what some of us do too..rolling or massage stick after runs is exquisite torture too.. horrid when you do it..amazing after you have :) Knotted muscles be gone! :)

Then... slow down :) You are doing fine.. just take care of yourself a bit more now the runs are getting longer... core strength and stamina exercises on rest days are really very helpful!


Thanks oldfloss I have just got back from the gym stretched beyond belief and looking forward to tomorrow.


How is your hydration?

The NHS recommends drinking 1.2litres per day, but if exercising you need considerably more, with your intake spread evenly throughout the day.


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