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Things suddenly got VERY serious...


EEEks I'm freaking out here peeps - having started this whole secret running thing so I could surprise my daughter and join her in her run for fun in Central Park this August whilst we're on holiday my daughter's just told me she's signed up for an 'Official Run' in the park now AND on her actual 30th Birthday - oh and it's 8Ks - so now I've had to secretly sign up for it myself too!!

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Distance will not be a problem, the difference between 8K and 5K is much smaller than it seems. Once you graduate, just build up the distance in small increment with one (out of three) longer run each week.

The main issue might be weather. New York in August is usually stiflingly hot.

CentralParkGraduate in reply to Dunder2004

Haha when you say it like that......and yes, New York in August - am I completely insane? I am hoping to get in a bit of heat acclimatisation though (well if those pesky footballers can do it...) as the hubby and I have a little 10 day break over in the Cape Verde Islands planned for my own 55th Birthday in's running, swimming, sunning, eating, cocktails, sleep and repeat for 10 days hahahahah :)


8km in August? You'll be ready; you have all the time you need. ;)

Remember to take a picture of your daughter on the day of the event; I bet her face will be something worth immortalising. :D

CentralParkGraduate in reply to secan

Oh I will secan....hoping to catch it on this space :) It's what keeps me going - that look, on that face :)

Eeek... well centralpark you have your work cut out now...😊

You are doing really well, getting close to graduation, to get to 8k though you will probably have to really knuckle down. Run slowly and steadily, then maybe go onto c25k+ stamina afterwards to build up your distance.

Good luck😊

CentralParkGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thanks Jan-now-runs - I'll check that c25k + stamina out :)


The pain that you are about to do to yourself - will be more than well made up for by the look on her face when you join her, all kitted up to go!! :)

CentralParkGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

I know Bazza1234 it's what keeps me going - so excited! :)


Wow, that's a great surprise. She will be so happy. And running in Central Park too!

CentralParkGraduate in reply to Lavender1962

Thanks Lavender 1962 I think she will be equally happy and shocked that her mum has/can do this hahaha :)


Well done you - you have all the motivation you need to attain your goal - I think that not letting your kids down is every mum's mantra. :) One step at a time, draw yourself up a plan and gradually increase your distance - don't worry about speed, just finish each run. Central Park... *sigh*. How lucky are you?

CentralParkGraduate in reply to mfamilias

Thanks mfamilias - you're right - I do want her to be proud of me :) And I will work out a proper plan so I've done what I can do achieve this, and yes, I'm soooo lucky - the Central Park - we've been planning, talking and saving for this for over 10 years :)

That's a wonderful goal. I bet your daughter will be touched!

In terms of getting ready to do the 8 km in such a relatively short time, I'm thinking you have to make a training plan where you use the 10-percent rule i.e. that you should never increase your weekly distance by more than 10 percent over the previous week.

I hope you will manage to keep enjoying the running as well. Keep us posted :-)

CentralParkGraduate in reply to PippiRuns

Thanks IbenCopenhagen - I'm hoping she'll be as proud of me as she is shocked! I'm definitely going to follow that rule and sort out a training plan - I'll definitely come back and let you know how it went :)


Haha, life is exciting isn't it? Great picture by the way

CentralParkGraduate in reply to nhs2015

Haha thanks nhs2015 - I'm nhs too :) Life is one roller coaster ride which I just love! :)


I'm just here for the cat picture. Good luck though!

CentralParkGraduate in reply to cathalicious

Haha you're welcome :)


Thank you all sooooo much for your lovely comments, thoughts and good wishes - I'm going to sort out that training plan for after graduation and do things sensibly - 10% more distance in 1 x out of the 3 runs in a week....eeeks....excited and nervous here...hope our weather cheers up - it's blowing an absolute howler here on the cost of Lincolnshire UK - it would be one foot forward and two back out there today - luckily it's my 'rest day' :)


Oh Central Park , yes I remember your original post ! This is just getting better and better isn't it ? She will be soo proud of you !

Cant wait to read the write up on this one ! You will be fine by August, no worries at all !

Brilliant stuff ! :-) xxx

CentralParkGraduate in reply to poppypug

Haha poppypug - 'better and better' wasn't my first thought if I'm honest ;) - am I now swinging from excited to omg what the hell am I doing haha - I'll be sure to come back with the out come x


Wow that will be some birthday surprise 8 km is very doable in the time frame ☺

to run in central park double wow one of the most iconic places .. you will have such a fab time 😊

CentralParkGraduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Thanks Slow_Rob - it was supposed to be a simple 5 k me and the daughter it's this massive 8k proper signed up for race thing hahaha - still I should have known my daughter never does things by half (even though she doesn't know what she'd gone and done this time!) :)

Such a wonderful birthday surprise for your daughter. You'll be graduating soon so definitely doable and you've got all the encouragement and motivation you'll need to do it. I can only imagine her surprise at running with you. Brilliant.

CentralParkGraduate in reply to OldWheezer

Thanks OldWheezer...yep two weeks to graduation - come to think of it I've never graduated from anything since I never went to uni haha - so I'm looking forward to this one with a great sense of achievement! And looking forward to that special run :)

I like that. Sounds like we went to different schools together.


Jenny Hadfield has a number of 8K running plans - walk, run-walk/beginner run/intermediate run etc here

You wouldn't need to start any of these plans from scratch - just slot yourself into a relevant week within any of the plans

CentralParkGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

Thanks Bazza1234 that's great I'll look that up :)


I started C25K mid January, graduated mid March, and ran my first 10K on Sunday. 8K is doable in the time you have left - I think keeping it a secret is the hard part! I tell everyone about running these days and have enthusiastically infected several friends and colleagues with the running bug too......

CentralParkGraduate in reply to Neverrunmum

Wow well done Neverrunmum - 10ks!!! Yes, keeping secrets in general is difficult for me and from my daughter in particular as we talk at least 3 times a week and fb all the time :) Luckily my friends round where I live know about it and there's a couple of runners in them and we've set up a secret little fb group of all my runner friends - and those I've infected too hahah :)

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