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Keeping fit and Healthy


I like to keep fit and healthy, I am now 71 and have been healthy all my life, I enjoy walking and cycling and also keep fit at home by doing exercises such as yoga planks, work with kettle weights and do push and sit ups regularly. When I am out cycling there is an exercise park nearby to where I live. I stop and I get on this rowing machine and do 140 strokes on it, after that, I carry on cycling. I don't go on really long cycle runs now as I used to, frequent short rides are just as good as long energetic runs. One thing I have not done is run 5k, 10k, half or full marathon distances although I do watch them on TV or if they are near to where I live I will cheer on the runners.

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I am also 71 (later this year :) ) - I started running from a zero fitness/exercise background 4 years ago and subsequently have run 100 5k parkruns , a number of 10K "races" and 3 HM's. I am currently on the injury couch - not caused by running , although I was jogging when it happened , but caused by my eyesight !! ( not looking where I was going!! :( )

You are obvious very fit and you might enjoy doing a bit of jogging/running. Ignore the naysayers who say it will "ruin your knees" etc - most of them who say things like this are overweight sloths! You could try firstly doing some short run/walks. The C25k programme is ideal - but you could test the waters by running/walking for 30 second intervals of each. Be careful though - because it IS addictive. !!

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On the same subject - because of my foot injury, I have joined a local gym 6 weeks or so ago which I go to 5 days per week. I also bought a mountain bike - but soon discovered it is magpie season here so I have put it aside for another few weeks. I have never been a gym lover - still aren't , but I have developed a habit of going every morning ( same as I used to run) and this gym has enough equipment to keep me interested. I use the Internet a lot to learn how to use it all correctly.


Bazza1234 has given you some great advice... Just make a little start and see how you guess is you would enjoy it.

If you do, we would be delighted to have you join us... :) ( I started at 65.. still running at 68 !


I am 65 and starting C25k 6 months ago. I have no regrets. It has transformed my life, physically and mentally. Like you I did cycling and exercises and swimming but was far from fit, you sound in a much better place. I always thought I couldn't run and tripped over my own feet if I tried but with the programme and the support on here I made it to graduation and haven't looked back. For me its safer than cycling as I had a few falls from my bike but none to date whilst running! Let us know if you decide to give it a go, sounds like you would enjoy it. Good luck whatever you decide.

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