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To infinity.....and beyond!

Good grief, where does it all end?

Run two on week three done and I'm still living and breathing....eek!

Seriously though, no problems other than slightly sore shins from me being too heavy footed on uneven pavements :(

I'm just having trouble believing that I keep looking forward, yes - looking forward to the next run......I must be mad!

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Just one behind me, 👍

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Ah, but you're going to do a poppy run - well done.

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... and one ahead of me 😊

I'm still living and breathing too (although no idea how)..!!

Shins also a problem for me but, unlike you, I don't look forward to the next run 😂 However, I feel great when I've done it 🤗


It's weird isn't it?

Looking forward to going out for a run.....

I believe that it can become a habit, if you let it ;)


Haha, I'll take your word for it 😂😂


No... and if you are..who wants to be sane...? Keep it slow and steady as you go... well done:)


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