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Week 3 run 3

My previous post went up as week 3 run 3, but was actually only run 2. Oops!

So, stressful day today. Struggled to motivate myself after work, but here I am, run complete a few hours later.

Felt cold tonight. Swallowed a bug early in my first 30 second run. Actually, feels like he might be in my lungs. Haven't stopped coughing since. That said, I managed to keep going and kept a consistent pace with my previous run.

Week 4 seems daunting... But I think I'll try for Saturday morning!

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Slow and steady... and don't let anything... errr.. bug you!

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Well done - I'm aiming to go W4 R1 tomorrow- and also feel like it's a bit daunting. But going to give it a go and go slow and steady!

Good luck with your run on Saturday.


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