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It's my time!

Will I do it I ask myself? I've been thinking of looking after myself, getting fit and eating healthier for years. But you do what you know from you're own upbringing. Breaking those habits, and trying not to pass them on to your own children has been really difficult.

I was raised on Indian food..hot & spicy..yummy!! Portion sizes of rice increased over the years, and so did my clothing lol. Along with having 3 children and postnatal depression for 7 years, the weight just piled on.

I need to get fit! I need to lose weight! But can I and will I this time??????

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Well this is a great place to start! The C25K is a brilliant programme and this forum is amazing for support and encouragement. You'll find plenty of like-minded people - completely unfit, overweight, struggling with mental health, busy lives, young children etc. All of those apply to me, but I've just completed C25K and feel SOOOO much better. Go for it!

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Well done on choosing this to start with. It's very cleverly planned out. It edges you further than you think you can do just a little every week. I found not looking too far ahead helped. I'm just on the last week now running for 30 mins, 8 weeks ago I was huffing and puffing struggling to run for 1! This forum will also help you with anything you ever need. Happy running:)!!!


You can do it! I'm on week 4 and can now run for 5 minutes, 4 weeks ago I couldn't even run for a bus (and didn't want to!) The thing that has surprised me the most is how much I'm loving it, I never thought I would. The programme is great and the support and advice here is fantastic.

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Yes you will do it this time ... that's an order!

Seriously though, you definitely can do it. The lovely people on this forum are now your best friends and will help you all the way so my first bit of advice is to keep reading the posts.

Secondly remember you're doing this for you, it's not a competition or a race so nobody's judging you.

And thirdly take it really, really slowly, always take at least one rest day and listen to your body.

You've made a good start by posting here and this programme really works so trust in it and you'll get there.

Keep smiling, keep posting and get running!

Good luck and happy running!

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