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Woo Hoo, Runner!

Woo Hoo, Runner!

Back on the treadmill today for various reasons, but rest assured it won't be for long - that paint scuff on the gym wall in front of me is far from inspirational!

Had planned to take Laura along for the ride today but due to a technical glitch (i.e. I could not for the life of me find the right podcast on my iPod shuffle!), had to go back to the locker, retrieve my phone and revert to the app. On a whim, decided to swap trainer to Mr Smooth (sorry, Sarah!). First 5 mins was fine, then felt a bit tight in my chest for a while, but the breathing sorted itself out and soon I was feeling fine. Then, as the half-way bell chimed...Mr S...

"How are you doing? You've run for 12.5 minutes now. That's half of today's total run. You couldn't do that a few weeks ago, could you?" (NO, NO, NO!!!) "Keep at it, you're doing great!"

"...there's just 5 to go, I know you can do this. Come on, right to the end!"

Oh Michael...I think I love you!

I even managed to speed up by a nano-snail for the last 30 seconds! The run was really fine, getting a bit sweaty by the end, but not breathless and calf muscles did not grumble at all.

It feels so good! Running ❤️.

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Well done, you can't beat a bit of MJ:)!!


Well done you!


Nicely done paint scuff and all


Very well done! 🏃‍♂️


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