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W5R3 completed..Is this really happening......!!

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I'm stunned, amazed and jumping for joy. I never believed that I would be able to contemplate running for 20 minutes without certain death following closely behind😄, but I did and am still breathing. I LOVE this challenge and my body's ability to do more than I gave it credit for. W6R1...look out, I'm coming to get you🏃‍♀️.

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Well done, congrats it's a great feeling !

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Whoooo hoooo look out week 6

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congrats, me too! same day. week 6 here we go...

Brilliant isn't it the grin from W5R3 lasts the longest time

Well done! I think it's a major milestone for us all when we get that one under our belts.

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Thanks guys, just thought it was me smiling like a lunatic🤗. Good luck for W6 Goya.

Fantastic! We are all familiar with the lunatic grin round here, it's the best type! Brilliant milestone to get too, very well done!

Oh my goodness that's great to hear! That one's my next run (did run 2 of week 5 today and was nervous but completed without too much worry!) and now slightly concerned about doing a whole 20 minutes just like that!! How did you feel when you were half way through, and did you go slower than previously????

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SsachaGraduate in reply to ladyduddy

I was slightly worried about it too,it seemed like a huge step up but I thought that about all of the runs in W5, and they were both better than I expected; so I just approached it in the same way and took it steady, one foot in front of the other and remembered to keep breathing. Honestly you'll be fine and it's great smiling like a lunatic. X

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ladyduddy in reply to Ssacha

Thanks - I'll just trust the programme and go with it!

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ladyduddy in reply to Ssacha

Thanks for the support! I did it and it was nowhere near as bad as I had imagined! So thrilled with myself and practically cried at the end! Unfortunately hurt my leg the following day (dog-related injury!) so have had to take a 10 day break but hoping to be back at it again this week - may redo week 5 as have had this break....

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SsachaGraduate in reply to ladyduddy

Oh well done you😁. Don't stress about the enforced break, you've already done W5 so doing it again will be a breeze AND you get to have the lunatic smile (and a few joyous tears) all over again!!

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Very well done!!!!!

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I remember feeling so astonished and surprised when I did Week 5 Run 3, as I had been sure I wouldn't be able to do it, and .................... 99.9999999% of people here have completed it .

Onwards and keep on running

Yeah! Well done Ssacha😊.. that is a great run to get under your belt. You ran for 20 mins, feels amazing doesn't it.

Keep going, that is the breakthrough run done.x Onwards and upwards 😊

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