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2nd parkrun/walk (but not following the running plan I had!)


I went to my local parkrun for the third time this morning (although only my second run/walk as last time I was volunteering as Tailwalker). I had planned to do my next re-run (week 6 run 3 - 25 mins) and then walk the rest.

I walked the first 5 minutes as my warm up, then started running. However after about 5 minutes, I was really finding it hard to breathe, so stopped to walk (and as my breathing didn't start to settle, used my inhaler to help). So changed my plan to a run/walk. This parkrun is 2 3/4 loops going downhill and then back up (just a gentle slope) with a flat bit at the top and bottom, so I ran the downhill and most of the flat sections and walked the uphill section. I used my Garmin watch to record just the running sections, and they totalled about 3km, so I ran more than I walked. :)

And the best bit was I took 1 1/2 minutes of my previous time - a new PB! :D

(and I can do week 6 run 3 another day!)

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Well done you... slow, steady and sensible:)


That's the way, well done!😊


You have the correct attitude, week 6 run 3 will be fine!!

CookieMGraduate in reply to Theziggy

I've done it before, I know I will do it again - it just wasn't Saturday! :)

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