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Technology failure! 😩

So annoying! My phone died half-way through run 1 of week 5. (The battery is rubbish). I did my best to count the seconds to keep to the plan but had no music or Sarah Millican being kind in my ear! According to my Fitbit it was more steps and calories than last week so must have been roughly right, but obviously not exactly. I was determined not to give up and go home though!

So, I am going to redo the run on Monday and change my plan of starting each week at the weekend! It's not really a big deal as I only did that because I thought run 1 of each week was the big step up, but this week it's run 3 anyway! (Scared of that one 😱 but have read everyone's comments about it being doable so hoping it's the same for me!)

Sorry, bit of a ramble/rant!

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It's blooming difficult when the tech goes, I can never seem to get my counting right, I am either over or under optimistic, never Goldilocks...

But run 3 don't be scared, just be prepared - run it in your head and the legs will follow.


Just sort things to suit you.... and remember to trust the programme and have faith in yourself.. that is all you need:)

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