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Goodbye wk8

Nearly at the podium ,I'm no stranger to this graduation lark it will be my 3rd ,still feel the great sense of achievement though as if it was my first . It's right what they say , as you get older you get wiser ,I have learned to listen to my body this time round ,listened more closely to advice on this great group . I now have 2 rest days if I feel I need it ,I enjoy my runs taking it steady at a nice pace realising that it's more important than pushing for better times . My body definitely appreciates it ,and touch wood no aches or pains . I ended wk 8 running round our local country park with my middle daughter in the rain ,no headphones today and I really enjoyed it . I'd like to say thanks for all the great advice that's dished out on here & bring on wk 9 and back to the park runs .happy running

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You are a proper runner Rockette and will be graduating for the third time stronger and fitter than ever I'm sure.

Good luck with W9..take your time 😊x


Yeay... getting there and looking really great!!! :)


You are there in touching distance, you've stayed the course and stayed more comfortable with your bod. That's a great achievement and the bling is flipping in the drawer waiting for you

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